Privacy policy

As of 13. August 2023

Your privacy is important. This document shows what data we collect and how we protect this collected data. By using this website you agree to the collection and usage of your data within the limits of this privacy policy.


When accessing the website an internal log entry is kept, which includes
  • Browser name und version
  • IP
  • Referrer URL
  • Operating system
  • Opened url
This data is cannot be connected to a specific invidual, is not passed on to third-parties and is solely used to improve the site.


To improve the site, anonymous analytics data is collected using the tool Matomo. When opening any page or sub-page (e.g. /, /calendar, etc.), downloading files or opening external links, an entry is generated by Matomo.
  • This entry includes your IP-Address (shortened to 2 bytes to ensure anonymity)
  • Operating system (Name and version, e.g. iOS 16.2)
  • Browser (Name and version)
  • Opened page, downloaded file or clicked external link

CD ordering, contact form

When ordering a cd on the discography page, the following data is sent:
  • Name of the CD
  • Email
  • Shipping label

    When submitting the contact form, the following data is sent:
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Message

    The contact form is sent using a mail service (hosted on and is stored until processing on a mail server provided by Diese Daten werden mithilfe eines Mail-Services (gehostet auf übermittelt und bis zur Bearbeitung auf dem Mail-Server von gespeichert.

Youtube Embeds

On the home and gallery page Youtube videos are embeded. In the embed the privacy-enhanced mode is activated, which prevents Youtube from gathering information about the visitor until the video is watched. More information about the usage of the gathered data and the general terms of use can be found on the official Privacy & Terms page of Youtube.

Apple Music Webplayer

The audio samples (click on the cover) are embbeded using Apple Musics web player. Information about the privacy & terms of the web player can be found in the official privacy policy.

If you have any questions, you can contact us using the contact form.